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revised list that i have found

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Old list
*cosmic rune altar u cant get to 
*Body rune altar unable to pass 
*rc tali doesnt work on obelisk/ only use abyss
*unable to reset box traps hunter for chins
*cook food shop unable to access to rejuv pool
*ironman can access all shops
*kicked out of house u get stuck
*no quest or anything to start herblore
* cant attack baby calves at cows
* d2h cant activate spec
* dragonstone armor box at sigmund unable to equip
*presets automatically equip no matter the level
* unable to mine amethyst

New list 
* cannot enter Kalphite queen
*essence pouch doesnt hold essence says there
is no essence to put in it 
*ironman isnt showing up in general chat 
*cant trade vigg or sceptor from revs
* vets weapons not on drop list for revs
* people on friends list lose the first letter in name and i cant message
i try to delete and readd and it wont allow me 
* had another person with me glod showed no damage on health bar
* drop tables for wilderness event monsters dont exist 
* sleeping cape from trivia doesnt equip

* no where to use clue keys


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