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Hey guys the current trivia system is broken because we fetch questions\answers from an api which clearly isnt functioning as we would like. So what we are planning to do is set our own custom questions\answers, we've gotten 105 questions\answers but we need your help for more questions so it doesnt get repetitive.

Shoot us your best questions & answers! 

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Posted (edited)

How many bones are there in a human body?

  • 206 bones

Which invention is associated with Wright Brothers?

  • Aero plane

Who discovered the Cell?

  • Robert Hooke

What does HB mean in biological terms?

  • Hemoglobin

How many degrees are there in a circle?

  • 360 degrees

What is the other name of Protractor?

  • D

What is the rarest eye color of the redheads?

  • Blue

How many elements are in the periodic table?

  • 118

What does MSN stand for?

  • Microsoft Network

How often is an average manager interrupted?

  • Every 8 minutes


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Posted (edited)

What does "Atari" mean?

  • Success

What was the first holiday event item ever on RS?

  • Pumpkin

What was the Halloween 2006 event reward on RS?

  • Grim Reaper Hood

What RuneScape tool allows you to record video in-game?

  • Orb of Oculus

The Perimeter of a circle is also known as what?

  • The circumference

Are opposite angles of a parallelogram equal?

  • Yes

What Does 3 squared equal?

  • 9




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What quest do you need to complete in order to get Ancient Magicks?

  • Desert Treasure

How many non-member's quests are there in "RuneScape"? (As of 2009)

  • 19, Nineteen

What is the highest skill level you can get without boosts?

  • 99

What is the best type of armor you can smith?

  • Rune

What is the firemaking requirement for Desert Treasure?

  • 50

At what level in fishing can you fish lobsters?

  • 40

What levels are the Goblins behind the Lumbridge General Store?

  • 2

At what level in magic can you teleport to Varrock?

  • 25

Where can you find Wizard Mizgog?

  • Wizards Tower

What is the name of the massive player - stocked market next to Varrock Palace?

  • Grand Exchange, GE

Elvarg is a level....

  • 84

What are cornucopias used for?

  • Storing food

What level in herblore do you need to make an extreme attack potion?

  • 89
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