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  1. Morning, I used to play 2Speced all the time many years ago, it was under the ownership of Tyler, but very keen to hear about the new developers and owners. The reason 2Speced was so popular was because the developers kept the server simple. No new exotic custom items, spells, monsters etc just the classic Old School Runescape that we all know, remember and love. Very excited to hear that it could be returning! Dan
  2. Looks brilliant - looking forward to the return! Dan
  3. Morning Ace, Very keen to hear how the development is going! Looking forward to a 'proper' old school server coming back once again! Dan
  4. Dan

    Hello from Dan

    Good morning. Hope you're all doing well. I used to play 2speced all the time, I believe Tyler was the owner back then? Very intrigued to see that 2speced could be coming back, is it still Tyler running it or have we moved on to somebody else? Either way, I'm Dan, from the UK, and hope to see you all around. Cheers
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