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  3. lol im also hoping for the same, had loads of good times back in the days, would be nice to enjoy some of those old memories while we all go trough this quarantine period.
  4. i Vous i

    Whats up.

    Hey everyone, Used to play 2speced at least 10 years ago. Ex-admin ex-mod. Just seen a video on youtube had no idea this was back up and running, anyways looking forward to trying it out and seeing how far 2speced has gone.
  5. ...the legendary old school 2Speced? I hope so lol. What about the release date? πŸ™‚
  6. I believe this was a year or 2 after I first started on 2speced. Sorry for the music and shitty PKing, I was 13 when I did this lol. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BkHISIwg474
  7. I never thought I would see the day 2speced returned... the nostalgia is hitting so hard. I use to play since the beginning until my brother's duped hardcore and got us IP banned ( might remember the name I K R E W I). I look forward to when the server gets launched.
  8. Welcome back! Good to have you here.
  9. Played the old one for a long time until it died, stakes all my phats etc, hope to see some familiar faces around
  10. Lorden Kriss


    Hello there Jay. Long time no see.
  11. Lowkey


    welcome, it's good to have you back!
  12. Jay


    Sup I'm Jay, I played insanityX. Ace emailed me and I figured ill check it out.
  13. Developer Ace Javatar Lagoon Chk JayArrowz Manager Lowkey Administrator Redrum Moderator Pookie Tropical Lorden Kriss Server Support Prince
  14. Sworddog22


    Ok, I guess i should make one of these. Name: James Foley User: Sworddog22 Location: U.S.A. I used to play back in the good ol' days of insanityx and made my way up to a mod under Ace. Lost contact with the old squad and made my ways around the web. Found this great project that is being worked on and recognized several names. Now we are here ready to rumble. I do a lot of Pvm so lemme know if anyone wants to do some runs. hopefully I see yall in game.
  15. 's topic in Updates & Announcements

What quest do you need to complete in order to get Ancient Magicks? Desert Treasure How many non-member's quests are there in "RuneScape"? (As of 2009) 19, Nineteen What is the highest skill level you can get without boosts? 99 What is the best type of armor you can smith? Rune What is the firemaking requirement for Desert Treasure? 50 At what level in fishing can you fish lobsters? 40 What levels are the Goblins behind the Lumbridge General Store? 2 At what level in magic can you teleport to Varrock? 25 Where can you find Wizard Mizgog? Wizards Tower What is the name of the massive player - stocked market next to Varrock Palace? Grand Exchange, GE Elvarg is a level.... 84 What are cornucopias used for? Storing food What level in herblore do you need to make an extreme attack potion? 89
  • Old list *cosmic rune altar u cant get to *Body rune altar unable to pass *rc tali doesnt work on obelisk/ only use abyss *unable to reset box traps hunter for chins *cook food shop unable to access to rejuv pool *ironman can access all shops *kicked out of house u get stuck *no quest or anything to start herblore * cant attack baby calves at cows * d2h cant activate spec * dragonstone armor box at sigmund unable to equip *presets automatically equip no matter the level * unable to mine amethyst New list * cannot enter Kalphite queen *essence pouch doesnt hold essence says there is no essence to put in it *ironman isnt showing up in general chat *cant trade vigg or sceptor from revs * vets weapons not on drop list for revs * people on friends list lose the first letter in name and i cant message i try to delete and readd and it wont allow me * had another person with me glod showed no damage on health bar * drop tables for wilderness event monsters dont exist * sleeping cape from trivia doesnt equip * no where to use clue keys
  • Hello waddy it’s great to have you back here , hope to see you ingame!
  • Lorden Kriss


    test post
  • Nickname: Lorden Kriss Name: Kristoffer | Age: 23 | Sex: Male | Location: Norway | Occupation: Student Hello there. This is Kristoffer aka Lorden Kriss. I have been playing rsps for a while now, but some time ago I took a break from it all. Looking forward to play the game, but I won't be as active as I used to back in the day. I am currently finishing up my master degree in ICT, specialization in AI, and I also have a part-time job in the weekends.
  • 's topic in Updates & Announcements

    What does "Atari" mean? Success What was the first holiday event item ever on RS? Pumpkin What was the Halloween 2006 event reward on RS? Grim Reaper Hood What RuneScape tool allows you to record video in-game? Orb of Oculus The Perimeter of a circle is also known as what? The circumference Are opposite angles of a parallelogram equal? Yes What Does 3 squared equal? 9
  • 's topic in Updates & Announcements

    How many bones are there in a human body? 206 bones Which invention is associated with Wright Brothers? Aero plane Who discovered the Cell? Robert Hooke What does HB mean in biological terms? Hemoglobin How many degrees are there in a circle? 360 degrees What is the other name of Protractor? D What is the rarest eye color of the redheads? Blue How many elements are in the periodic table? 118 What does MSN stand for? Microsoft Network How often is an average manager interrupted? Every 8 minutes
  • posted a topic in Updates & Announcements

    Hey guys the current trivia system is broken because we fetch questions\answers from an api which clearly isnt functioning as we would like. So what we are planning to do is set our own custom questions\answers, we've gotten 105 questions\answers but we need your help for more questions so it doesnt get repetitive. Shoot us your best questions & answers!
  • yea the plan isn't going to be to over the top. no customs because it ruins servers and all. hopefully we get a healthy start and it thrives pretty well. fingers crossed. glad to have you and will look forward to playing with ya
  • Will update as I find more. Trivia Questions: Others: Can't bank extended antifire(4)
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